The CircDisCoveris our iPad bag for touch pad fans who are always on the move. It’s most exciting feature: The sleeve with belt system contains an ingenious interior that allows the user true hands- and leg-free operation at the twist of the wrist. What to do with the newly acquired liberty is up to the user: surf, read, play with one hand, sip espresso or walk your bike with the other. The integrated CircDisc mechanism transforms the bag into a mobile workstation with just a few intuitive hand movements.Our tried and tested 3-Point-Strap system is combined with the newly developed CircDisc mechanism. The strap can be lengthened or shortened with one tug on the black and white D-Rings. A total of nine different carrying positions make CircDisCover a highly practical all-rounder for the digital daily grind of the iPad user. Of particular interest to those who wear a suit: the CircDisCover can be worn discreetly and unobtrusively beneath a jacket, whilst maintaining every aspect of it’s functionality.

Cordura D500
27 x 22 x 3 cm
PRICE 139 €
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